Better late than never...

My mom, Susie, and I worked together to make some tasty treats to fit my photo exhibit. For those of you there, you noted that the show was very monotone with the exception of one color: YELLOW!

We made snowflake (almond flavored) cookies, lemon flowers, and lemon meringue pie bites! I love to cook, and this was my mom's brilliant idea. They were SO delicious and a big hit at the show, I must say.

Photography by Kelly Heck Photography by Kelly Heck Photography by Kelly Heck

I did not have a chance to take photos during the show, just a few before and after. It was really busy from beginning to end, and it even snowed, nearly the entire time! Long story short, I was very pleased, and so thankful.

Photography by Kelly Heck

Photography courtesy Andy Foglesong - Kelly Heck & Family
Susan Heck, Doug Heck, Kelly Heck & Valerie Heck Esmont

The work is up through March, so if you still want to go see it,
please do, and let me know what you think!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 responses to Better late than never...

  1. Sandy Eaton says:

    Kelly, The pictures are wonderful and I know how good they were. I love the picture Andy took of the four of you. Do you think you could send it to me alone by e-mail that is the only way I can get it in Kodak. And for me that is good. So glad you are posting again. I have missed it.

  2. Serena says:

    I need to start eating breakfast in the morning. When I read posts like this (that contain photos of delightful looking food), my stomach grumbles.

    Love the photo at the bottom! Miss you (and Andy!).

  3. Kelly Heck says:

    Sandy, I'll get a high resolution copy of that photo to you tonight!

    And you are right, I have been sorely out of touch.

    OOOO, Serena they were so good, I'm sorry you were out of town during the reception. :-\