Did you make it to the Exhibit Opening? What did you think?

I had such an amazing turnout of friends, family and people I know in the business community, that came out to enjoy the 4 shows at The Delaplaine. What did you all think? If anyone missed it, know that the show is hanging through March 25th, 2012. If you are in Frederick stop by and enjoy my photography show and the other artistry! The Watercolor Society show is particularly wonderful!

On the note of feedback from the show, I really would like to hear from you! But I was ecstatic, and also wanted to share with you, a review by my local friend, Pamela Zappardino on the Carroll County Times website: Click here to read the review of Kelly Heck's exhibit...

Below is a great photo by Lyndi McNulty of Gizmos Art... it shows Pamela who wrote the review (of Planworks Consulting) and Susan Williamson (of the Carroll County Arts Council) photo-dueling after the exhibition!

So lots has been happening in the past month and I have been sorely out of touch when it comes to updating my fans! I've ventured out into a few snow storms since the show and took some photos I'm excited to share with you soon. Andy caught a shot of me (and then I of him) in one of the show photo adventures:

Photo by Andy Foglesong

Photo by Kelly Heck

I also began teaching my second photography class at Carroll Community College in the Personal Enrichment Department. Our final session is tomorrow, Wednesday! Below is a photo from one of my students, Linday Archer. We were just going through the details of manual settings and we had a few minutes left at the end of class... I decided to have everyone do a "panning" exercise where they set their shutter speed to a very slow setting like 1/4 of a second.

Photo by Lindsay Archer

I have been so proud of my "Beyond the Snapshot" students. Everyone is pushing their comfort zone and everyone is learning to shoot with their digital SLR's in manual and semi-manual settings. I'm truly about to test their knowledge this Wednesday in a discussion/Q&A about some tricky exposure scenarios!

I also had a friend I met at Savannah GA visit for a weekend and we had a 6-hour photo shoot in the studio! I will share a selection of my photos and more about my friend at another time not so far away! Andy took some photos too! Maybe I can share a selection from everyone involved...

Stay tuned, and thank you for all of your support in the past couple months!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 responses to Did you make it to the Exhibit Opening? What did you think?

  1. Unknown says:

    Loved the show. And you can see it inspired us. Student inspiring teacher. As good as it gets.

  2. Kelly Heck says:

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the show! I'm having the same feeling, now teaching photography. I'm so proud of my students and that really inspires and motivates me to go out and capture something beautiful.