Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

The link below will take you to an excellent article / reusable letter by Tony Wu that respectfully explains why photographers (and artists in general) cannot provide free services nearly as often as we are asked to by the business and non-profit community:

If you have a moment to read it, I think it is meaningful for everyone, whether or not you are an artist. I hope you gain some perspective/encouragement from Tony's thoughts.

I also love that Tony touches on the fact that in many instances, there is poor communication. Yes, further communication takes time, but it is disheartening when you do not receive at least a brief "thanks but no thanks". It's scary to say no, to possibly hurt one's feelings, but trust me, it is so very much appreciated and preferred.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2 responses to Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

  1. This is a great article for anyone in the field of art. We all get asked to do things for free or donate all the time! Thanks Kelly.

  2. Kelly Heck says:

    No problem! And I'd encourage other artists who enjoy this article to share it with their contacts as well. The world we live in would not be as beautiful if we did not fund creative minds.