Met someone cute (on the farm) today!

I went over to my friend Karen's to check out her 3-day old baby lama. I kept worrying that the adults would spit on me or something (especially baby lama Beanie's mom), but apparently they just spit at each other, a territorial thing.

Photography by Kelly Heck - Baby Lama

And then the chickens, haha, they were so funny, they kept chatting at us while we were talking nearby so I gave them some camera love too.

Photography by Kelly Heck - Baby Lama

What an odd assortment of photos these last few days! I used to shoot a lot around the yard, flowers and bugs and animals. Avoiding it for several years now, I feel this is a habit I might pick back up.

Photography by Kelly Heck - Spider Web with Morning Dew

Monday, September 5, 2011