Visiting Arizona

Photo by Kelly Heck
Photo by Kelly Heck
Photo by Kelly Heck
Photo by Kelly Heck

Acting as tour guides, models, light stands and reflector holders, my family was very supportive in this photo-venture. My Aunt Janice showed us around the Santan Mountains on the Gila River Indian Reservation near her home in Phoenix, looking for interesting settings to photograph. I really couldn't PICK a spot because everything looked great, so upon returning, we just stopped somewhere and jumped out of the car to get started. The above photographs are of my lovely model, Emilee, and can also be viewed on kellyheckphotography.com.

Situated along Interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix, Gila (pronounced "heela") River Indian Community is readily accessible from either destination. The reservation comprises 372,00 acres south of Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler Arizona and was established in 1859 by an Act of Congress. The reservation is the homeland of the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and the Pee-Posh (Maricopa) Indian tribes.

*Thank you to my Aunt Janice, my cousim Emilee and my parents, Doug and Susie, for all the help!

Monday, March 21, 2011

4 responses to Visiting Arizona

  1. You take great pictures and she is a beautiful model!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice photos!

  3. Sandy Eaton says:

    I really like the light in these pictures. You often think their is no color in the desert. But some parts are just beautiful.

  4. Wow! These look great, Kelly.