Seeing Now: Photography Since 1960

My friend Will Abbott and I went to the BMA today for a lecture with photographers Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Robin Rhode. And while we were there, we were able to see the current exhibition, "Seeing Now: Photography Since 1960". I highly recommend it. The work will be on exhibit through May 15th and included is a selection of Philip and Robin's work.

It's always fun to hear a well-known artists' thoughts on and meanings of their own work. I find it gives me a level of appreciation I could not have gotten otherwise.

Robin's photos are really more of a representation of his work. The process is what's important. Many of his works are multiple, sequential shots. He began this style of painting and using chalk on walls from light hazing in high school. They used to draw on the walls and have younger, new students interact with the drawings. His example was drawing a bike and having them 'ride' the bike or drawing a candle and having them 'blow it out'. You really just have to hear his explanations and see his photography in person, from the man himself. However, to the left is one representation to give you a feel; this image is titled "Juggla", and as a juggler, of course I would like it! So imagine the sequence - Robin would paint over these two balls for the next image and place them in new locations. If you look closely, you can see the juggler's hands are on the balls rather than his arms!

Philip had interesting comments and insights into his work as well... but I suggest you attend a lecture to hear about it! Here are a couple of his pieces:


Saturday, February 26, 2011