Love Shooting Kids

Mom, why do you want a boring photo with the kids sitting perfectly, hands crossed on their laps? Ugh, it's been done. It's not a true image of their personality and energy. Isn't this kid cute? I would hang this 100 times over the standard shot. While packing up from a professional headshot shoot, he hopped up on my stool without a word.
     Me: "Want to take some pictures?"
     Kid: "Uh-huh!"
     Me: "Show me your best silly face little man!"

Child Photography by Kelly Heck
Child Photography by Kelly Heck 

What I also like about a shoot like this is that HE had fun. A lot of times, kids get upset at a photo shoot. Having to sit still, smile nicely, put their hands down, look at the camera... there are just too many rules to follow. In this case, there were no comfort barriers to break down. He was in control doing what he wanted when he wanted... I just led him down the path of silliness! This is the kind of photography I like to do when it comes to families and kids. And in the mix, I was able to sneak in one sweet smile to make grandma happy - see that real smile with the twinkling eyes? Finally, a real smile, not some stiff fake, cheesy grin. We got these shots and others in about 2 minutes.

Monday, February 21, 2011