Beautiful Silence Series is now ONLINE!

Along with working on my blog design and giving my website an updated look and new logo, I've decided to exhibit my snow series online. You can view the body of work entitled "Beautiful Silence" on my portoflio website. Below is the artist statement, which you can also download from  my website.

If you haven’t tried it yet, venture outside during the next snow fall. Wait until a few inches have settled on the ground. You will have to remove yourself from noise. Escape from civilization; voices, home, business, traffic, machinery, phones, music - any human sound. Surround yourself with nature. Find a spot with the snow falling around you. A wooded area is especially perfect, removing you from harsh, cool winds that whistle by your ears. Stand motionless and breathe deeply. Quietly. Allow the tranquility to fill you up. Close your eyes, if you wish, and enjoy being removed from it all.

Slowly and surely, you will find that even though you have escaped the sound of humanity, it is not silent. Everyone is at home, safe and warm from the dangers of icy roads. Even the wildlife has somewhat settled. All you hear is the gentle clicking of snow falling to the ground. It is an elegant, comforting noise, a retreat from days filled with commotion. Breathe softly. This beautiful silence can so easily soothe your mind into a meditative state of utter relaxation. In this moment, you can forget your worries and focus only on your center of gravity. This is true peace, and the most genuine I have ever found.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011