The Delaplaine Juried Photography Exhibition

This past weekend my piece "Dust at Dusk" from the series Beautiful Silence was included in the first Juried Photography Exhibition at The Delaplaine in Frederick, MD. They have two categories, professional (the category I am in) and emerging (which opens around 10/14).

Following is an image of me with my piece and an image of the gallery space. I love the look of The Delaplaine; it is a really beautiful and artistic facility.

Photography by Kelly Heck

Photography by Kelly Heck

And this past Monday, I attended the Carroll Camera Club for the second time. This meeting was a workshop and Al Arnold was kind enough to prepare three set-ups. I took advantage of his funky martini glass with fake ice-cubes (which I will attempt to make once life slows down). Fake cubes, the professional grade, are normally $40!!! They are totally awesome though, but to dish out $40 a piece, and you need at least three... well, it's hard to justify. I could justify it... "because I wanna".

Photography by Kelly Heck
This set up consisted of a small translucent white piece of plastic curved for the backdrop back lit by two hot lights with 5000 kelvin temp bulbs (which by the way, only last 8 hours!!) We were given the freedom to move the lights around. Many of the participants were bringing a light out front, however, I'm very fond of back lighting for glass objects. There was an annoying gradation affect occurring with just one back light.... the background was bright then there was a darker line in the middle and then the flattening surface under the martini glass was just slightly lighter. I brought a light slightly underneath to eliminate this line. WALA! Anyway, here's one of my shots.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 responses to The Delaplaine Juried Photography Exhibition

  1. Eaton says:

    Love this shot, at $40's a cube I would try it with real ice.
    Good shots at the Gallery.

  2. Doug Land. says:

    I remember when you took that photograph of the landscape in the dead of winter. It was one of my personal faves