Nicole Loher - Fashion Forcaster

A photo shoot with Nicole Loher took place this past Saturday. The goal was to work on white seamless and to wrap up by catching the sunset. It was great meeting Nicole, she is a stunning young woman that knows style, fashion and exactly how to move to flatter the body and the attire! She is headed off to college in just two weeks to become the next big FASHION FORCASTER! Watch out for her, she's going to be taking fashion by storm!

It was such a pleasure working with Nicole. She is very nice and we had lots to talk about since we had only briefly met once. Thanks so much for an amazing shoot and hang-out session!

White seamless shooting consisted of three lights, two with reflectors on the backdrop and one on Nicole with a medium softbox. The shots outside were lit with natural light and a medium softbox.

Photography by Kelly Heck - Nicole Loher
Photography by Kelly Heck - Nicole Loher
Photography by Kelly Heck - Nicole Loher

By the way, there are a lot more photos! Check them out on my website at http://www.kellyheckphotography.com/. Hair and make-up were done by Nicole and clothing was also her selection. Bravo!

Monday, August 9, 2010