Bob Swaim Bicyles!

Last weekend I Attended the 18th Annual Maryland Juggling Convention. I took lots of photos and had the opportunity to ride some of Bob Swaim's bikes! They are so exciting and relaxing to ride... well, at least the first one was. That is me on the front seat trying to juggle 5 balls, Bob Swaim is in the middle and his daughter is on the back, successfully juggling 5 balls. The second is my sister Valerie and I, and that ride was really really wobbly, but we couldn't stop laughing with the thought of how silly we must look.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One response to Bob Swaim Bicyles!

  1. My god -- the music in the video scared the crap out of me! But very cool. Seems to have been a fun event. I'm impressed with your bike riding/juggling skills. I'm interested in seeing more pictures sometime!