Wedding Photography Tips: The Perfect Day

The concept of the wedding day is that everything needs to be perfect... but brides, realize that nothing is perfect, so don’t stress over it! You've got to go with the flow and just enjoy the day. One big downer for weddings is bad weather. However, what is more spontaneous and sexy that dancing in the rain?

What prompted this idea for me was how much I love to photograph in inclement weather. Light rain produces a great overcast sky which results in no harsh shadows! Rain also saturates colors so everything will pop so much more. Heavy rain, though difficult (and dangerous for fear of damaging equipment) to shoot in, gives you the opportunity to let all your worries go and you can get lots of great textures and depth. You can also consider props – if you are getting married in a rainy season, buy cute umbrellas for you and your wedding party just in case. If it doesn’t rain, it’s just an extra little gift they get (or better yet, save the receipt and return them after the honeymoon!).

Now I want a rainy wedding!

Thursday, April 22, 2010