New Network at the Taneytown MD Police Department

I've beem bummed recently because there is not much exciting shooting going on in my life. With the combination of work and house hunting taking up the majority of my time, I have a small remainder to recoup on my couch or to fix myself a nice dinner. SOOOOO, that means I'm going to start posting the less exciting photos (but still exciting events)! I made the photo above MORE exciting with affects - (audience: oooooooo, aaaaahhhhhh!).

Today our network team installed (is that the right term?) 4 new computers and a new server at the Taneytown, MD police station and they wanted to make sure we captured some good photos for a press release. It will in part advertise the upgrade for the police station, advertise InfoPathways for their outstanding services, and finally, advertise the Francis Scott Key High School internship program (since Emily, second from left, is filling an internship position with us currently).

Pictured from left to right are Chief Tyler (Taneytown Police), Emily Thompson (Intern), Jovan Nikolovski (Network Engineer) and Jennifer Adcock (FSK High).

Thursday, April 1, 2010