Mark Laita Photography

I love the photography by Mark Laita, and LA based photographer. I will spend more time after work drooling over his portfolios, but the reason he was brought to my attention (thanks Valerie!) is his Amaranthine portfolio (bird specimens!). The specimens he had access to are flipping incredible - I found some pretty awesome birds for just looking around Savannah GA and Carroll County MD, but he kicks my butt. Of course, it's not just the specimens he shoots, but the simplicity of his images and the vivid colors and crispness. All of his images are divine and it all inspires me to play. Here is a link to the Amaranthine portfolio, but check it all out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 responses to Mark Laita Photography

  1. Bruckaroni says:

    so many dead birds!

  2. I love his work, I gotta check it out more, I just saw the birds and thought of you. Any time I see dead things I think of you. Just kidding ;), love Valerie!

  3. Kelly Heck says:

    Val, I think a lot of people think of me when they see dead things... I'm hoping roadkill doesn't trigger it (the thought of me) though. :-)