Marie A. - Flower Theme

This past weekend I shot with a good friend of mine, Marie A. We went to three different settings and made sure the spring blossoms were an important subject in each shot. This was a very colorful session - I wish this stuff lasted longer!

In the first shot (below) we used natural light and a medium soft box set on the ground above the subjects. Post production involved some select exposure adjustments and light color enahncements. I did this shot because I've never done a "girl in the grass" type shot and I figured it was about time for me to join the party... of course, mine is "Girl in the Flowers". :-D

Copyright 2010 Kelly Heck Photography

If you notice her cheek is glowing, almost sparkling. We used a creamy bronzer make-up on Marie's cheeks to catch the sunlight more

Finally, in this shot (below) we used some fill light with the medium softbox and the sun as a highlight from behind. Similar post production with select hue luminosity adjustments to darken the sky.
Copyright 2010 Kelly Heck Photography

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 responses to Marie A. - Flower Theme

  1. Manish says:

    I love the angles you've shot from and the effective use of daylight and artificial light...great shots Kelly.

  2. Yet another amazing session, Ms. Heck.

    I'm really enjoying the angles and colors. Great choice to use the gold reflector. Her glowing skin tone really gives off a sense of her warm and spirited personality.