Is this getting anoying? Another Website Layout

If you didn't already know, my dear friend, Doug L., has been working on a logo for me and I think he is finished (?? :-P) He is a brilliant illustrator whom I adore! I'm to be helping him with a website layout for his generosity, so I hope that my schedule and life will slow down soon so I can get to work on it!

Because of this decision to have a real logo designed, the completion of my website has been on hold. I've had a little trouble trying to fit the logo in just right - Doug L.'s accomplice, Karlynn, did some tinkering of her own to reduce the wing size. I like how I have overlaid the logo on the corner of the photograph. With the new theme, here's what I'm thinking:
Web Design by Kelly Heck
And to accompany the website is this layout for a business card (and the reverse will feature different photographs from my portraiture portfolio, which has basically been built this past year). Now I think the yellow is probably the best choice for this. It is perfect for the pig's hat and I think it stands out. But someone (*coughs, MOM!) doesn't like the yellow at all. This yellow will need to be dulled down a little for the internet (like for the website), but in print it is easier to read.
Card Design by Kelly Heck
Please share your thoughts!
In my world, pigs fly.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 responses to Is this getting anoying? Another Website Layout

  1. I like the yellow! Bright and Bold! The little piggy over the photo might distract from your image on the website though... My motto says "If it doesn't help an image, it's just hindering it."

    Just my thoughts ;)

    Hard work doing all of this!!! I go round and round and round with logo/web layout... I know some folks get it all done and never think again about it! Maybe I'm fickle. Cheers & Good Luck!

  2. Kelly Heck says:

    Thank you Gretchen! I appreciate your input! I have always had trouble coming up with something I love - the reason I hinted to Doug L. to join in the venture! And I've been so indecisive about the site layout because I will not have control of it anymore - so I'm scared because I want it just right! Save dem $$$'s.

  3. Sandy Eaton says:

    I think the yellow stands out and will catch the eye. It's your Layout so you should have final say.

  4. Doug Land. says:

    The layout is fine by me, I just think that the logo should be at 60% opacity.