Lebow Clothing Factory

Yesterday I went to the Lebow Clothing Factory in Baltimore, MD. It is an abandoned men’s clothing factory that has been unoccupied since the mid-80's.

I will start off by saying I’m sorry – I have no photos to share with you. This day was dedicated to exploration. I’m probably going to go back, but it was actually pretty dark everywhere we went so taking photos would be difficult to do and in few places. But despite that, I will have a camera next time. Most of the windows are boarded up, so light can’t get in. My exploring V-Day buddy, Jessica Flax, was taking photos the whole time and using her flashlight most of the time.

The factory is still quite full of inventory and other supplies; completed articles of clothing, machinery, bolts of fabric, spools of string, buttons, patterns, tables, clothing racks, hangers, and 1985 and ‘86 pay stubs scattered all over the floor with funny names like “Dorcas Washington”, if I’m remembering correctly. Many abandoned buildings are abused by immature kids and stripped clean by people looking to make a buck for copper or whatever they find, and it really destroys the appeal. Fortunately this building hasn't been taken to this level - it makes this building a very fun place to go because the spaces still have character. With lots of things sitting around and racks of clothing it makes you a little uneasy because you can’t see everything – especially in the dark! There are little bits here and there that you know haven't been touched since the doors were closed in 1986 (or so)... a bit of the essence is still intact. FYI - I was born in '86 - and that is getting to be a bit old.

The building is also in decent shape – there were some spaces on the floors I avoided and I was a little uneasy as I felt the floor boards sag under my weight – I’m not that big but I’m no feather either (like Jessica). I noticed that some kids must have tried to start a fire because there was a small section of burned coats and the floor was damaged a little.

I think the owners of the building or the city placed large boards over the steps of the first 2 floors to try and keep people from getting in… but if the razor topped fence didn’t stop us, why would some wood? We climbed, we scaled, we crawled our way in.

Note: Entering an abandoned building is trespassing. You should never trespass because it is dangerous and against the law – trespassing is Breaking & Entering (B&E). However, if you decide to take this risk, never ever EVER go alone.

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 responses to Lebow Clothing Factory

  1. Jessica Flax says:

    What a great adventure. Ha! Good old Dorcus. It's been decided: I am naming my son (daughter?) that.

  2. S. Eaton says:

    I did know that it is trespassing and could be dangerous.

  3. Doug Land. says:

    Tresspassing is illegal?

    I just thought that only the ghosts could stop you on your way in. And they had to top it with razor wire. Gibberish!

  4. Kelly Heck says:

    TO answer your question, YES. Very funny, Douglas. :-P