Photo Shoot with Muriel Cruickshank

This is what we started with...
Photograph by Kelly Heck

... and this is how the studio lighting changed the scene!
Photograph by Kelly HeckPhotograph by Kelly Heck

The shoot took place near Reisterstown, Maryland. My inention was to show more of the landscape, which is littered with dead trees, many of which are broken off at odd places such as 2 feet above the ground. I've driven by this place a few times and I always have a difficult time paying attention to the road because it looks so different.

At this photo shoot, though, I was zooming in for a best shot. We started around 4 or 4:30 pm and I had intended to start around 3:30, so our light was fading fast and the landscape was too dark to really show off. I want to go back in the spring - maybe morning would be an interesting lighting.

Becuse we had limited time and because the wind was a bit unpredictable, I only used a medium softbox to reduce the risk of blowing over. I usually feel that a medium softbox is the best general choice anyway. :-D

Photograph by Kelly Heck

Thank you Muriel - you rock for going out in the cold with me and lookin' fine!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 responses to Photo Shoot with Muriel Cruickshank

  1. Sandy Eaton says:

    I love the lighting and the use
    of dead trees. Very nice