Model Railroads by Lance Mindheim

A client I met with for web work got into a photography conversation with me and he brought up a great photographer he knows that photographs something he makes - model railroads. He raved about these images and I wondered 'how good could they be?' Well, they're not good - they're incredible.

The models are made by Lance Mindheim and many images of different models can be viewed at www.lancemindheim.com. There isn't much 'about' information on his website unfortunately, but it sounds like Lance appreciates the little things that the typical person walks by every day - I LOVE THIS!!! Attention to detail these days is hard to find and Lance has hit it right on the head with his models and the images he captures of them.

I was scrolling thorugh images in his Progress Photos gallery and it's really difficult to tell if an image is real-life or a model. AMAZING. Check it all out.

Monday, January 4, 2010