Make-Up for Photographers

I was hoping people could give their input on what they have learned about make-up for photography. I am very interested in learning more about make-up but I do not know if I really need to find a class focused on photography based techniques or if I need a general make-up course for a basis knowledge and to learn further specifics (like applications for photography) from experience and research.

A friend recently suggested I look into Von Lee International School of Aesthetics Inc. They have a 5-week/40-hour Make-up Artistry course that I'm sure is brilliant, but a rep there let me know that none of it applies directly to professional photography make-up.

So if you are a photographer, make-up artist, or student in make-up or esthetics, what do you think?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 responses to Make-Up for Photographers

  1. Being that I don't ever have the budget for hair and make-up (though I always put it out there and have people on my list), I would think that you can figure that stuff out on your own.

    I mean just take college lighting classes for example...a lot of the photography stuff was just breaking down what other photographers have done and re-creating it. I mean, I know we had to learn the equipment first, but honestly lighting 2 was just re-creating images.

    I say if your interested in doing hair and make-up, try to buy a few books or another thing which is tough to find, is a good blog. Honestly, when it comes to artistic professions, I think we can learn a lot of things on our own, if we have the drive, even more so when we are lacking funds.

    All my retouching skills and lighting skills never came from college honestly. I learned most of that stuff just from books, blogs and talking to people.

    I think if you honestly have no clue where to begin, then maybe take a class or two. But most great photographers out there today never started doing photography in the beginning and I am sure it is the same with other professions.

    I also once bought a book on make-up once. If I can find out what the name of it is, I'll send it your way. It was really good thought out book but I used it to become better at retouching...

    okay, i'll be honest, it was to apply my own make-up. But not to other people.

  2. Kelly Heck says:

    Haha, thank you for a thoughtful comment Morgan! I was thinking make-up artistry in general would be good to get into, just not sure how extreme the differences are between regular and that applied to photography - I think it's the materials you use because you have to avoid reflective ingredients. Kim Gray, a professional make-up artist in Washington DC told me she buys make-up products from www.paintandpowderstore.com or www.camerareadycosmetics.com or www.alconeco.com. I'm hesitant too because the right products empty the pockets ($$$$$$) quick.

  3. I would say hit the library first and get make up books and hair books. Read a little and you'll get a better understanding of skin tone and what colors go best. I was actually going to go to the library this week and get books on hair cutting and fancy hair dos (like fancy braids). Good luck!
    Also I have a good make up book, maybe next time I come down I'll bring it for you to borrow!