Real-Time Plant Monitor at P. Flanigan & Sons

I had a great day today - my first major photo shoot through InfoPathways! Kyle Goodwin (network engineer at InfoPathways) went with me (actually, I went with him) to the various P. Flanigan Asphalt plants to take photos that would portray the uses and versatility of InfoPathways' data management program, the Real-Time Plant Monitor.

The shoot was scheduled yesterday because we found out that AsphaltPro Magazine will be writing an article on Real-Time Plant Monitor and Libra Systems' program Enterprise Information Server (EIS). InfoPathways is partnered with Libra Systems to bring these two integrated programs to asphalt plants all over the country. To learn more about these products, please contact InfoPathways and Libra Systems; you can also read "A Case For Integration", an article by Doug Heck and Thom Bethune of InfoPathways and you can visit the RTPM website.

Enough rambles on WHAT these images are about... so RTPM is supposed to be visible in all of these shots/views. Thom, Doug and I came up with three important perspectives which I captured today. I am pretty happy with myself. What I had so much fun with was whipping out all the equipment. I used multiple studio lights, mini tuck-in-the-corners lights (which you will just barely see under the counter in the photo of the control room), umbrellas, barn doors, grids, gels and more. It's been a long time since I used SO MUCH of my equipment and boy was it a rush!

Now, because LCD displays do not render so perfectly in photos, and the same with projector images, I decided to not bother with trying to get the lights perfect combined with the digital views of the laptop and projector. I dropped screen-shots of RTPM and EIS in the images for clarity and quality. I know many photographers are against this, but Real-Time Plant Monitor is the REAL subject here, so it's very important that it is as visible as possible, so DON'T JUDGE (please!!!).

Photo by Kelly Heck of InfoPathways
Photo by Kelly Heck of InfoPathways
Photo by Kelly Heck of InfoPathways

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 responses to Real-Time Plant Monitor at P. Flanigan & Sons

  1. Yeah Kelly! Good work, you rock!

  2. Sandy Lender says:

    Hi there, Kelly.
    The magazine is AsphaltPro. I don't think the other does in-depth coverage of plant issues. But we do! And I'm delighted with the pictures so far!

    Sandy Lender
    Editor, AsphaltPro Magazine

  3. Kelly Heck says:

    Thank so much Sandy! I fixed the magazine name - sorry about that! The shoot was scheduled so fast I missed some details!