Possibly Settled...

I know I've been everywhere with trying to pick a good font or settle on a logo. Today I think I've become more comfortable with this (above). It's a little different, funky, fun, and it reminds me very much of what I consider to be my signature image, my Phobia of Sharks (right).

The image should work well as a watermark and it should really pop on my simple business card layout (which is just a photo on one side and a solid color on the other with my name, website and maybe my phone number).

Somewhat off topic - people always look at my phobia series and say, "Are those really photographs?" Yes, they are. I did my own subtle version of HDR (high dynamic range) by adjusting the exposure in several layers and erasing layers. This shot, Phobia of Sharks or Selachophobia, probably took more time in post production than any of the other images while the shoot took less than 10 minutes! So for example, I took a layer and erased everything but the girl's eyes so that I could brighten her eyes only - this needed to be done because the mask was heavily shading her face.

The question I always get about this image is "So you put that together in Photoshop, right?" A lot of work was done in Photoshop, but NO, the majority of this image was captured in camera, as most (not all) photos should be captured. It was photographed in the ocean on Tybee Island, Georgia. The main light source was nearly mid-day sunlight and my secondary light source was a 5-foot reflector held just off to the right by a lovely assistant, Caryn Turgeon. The shark-fin was a prop toy that I purchased with this shoot in mind. My model, Suzannah Hoover, posed with her eye on the fin at all times and I directed her to show fear and surprise. Believe it or not there were small waves which made me nervous (for my cameras) but none of them are visible in the photo.

Above Right: Digital Capture - (the retired) Canon 10D
Above Left: Film Capture - RB67 Mamiya

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One response to Possibly Settled...

  1. Sandy Eaton says:

    I really like how the logo showed up on the snow picture. I think you have a winner.