When Motivation Dwindles, Try Harder

It has been so nasty in Maryland recently - it's misting and raining every day all day and everything is so wet. It's dark and depressing!! Where is the sun!? The upside is... yes, there's an upside... incredible atmosphere and depth and things you aren't used to seeing.

Choice #1 - Go home and relax and eat some delicious dinner (rice with chicken and cashews seasoned with soy sauce, garlic, and ginger - yes, it's amazing and one of my favorite dishes). Choice #2 - Drop off my things from work (it's been a 9-ish hour day), put on some rain boots, grab my camera, and drive back out into the 'nasty' night. I flipped a coin - heads would mean I'd go shoot, tails would mean I stay home and relax. The Results: TAILS

Guess what I decided to do? SHOOT.

Why you ask? Because I would have been incredibly disappointed in myself. I would have never known the images I COULD have captured. (Well, I knew, but I wouldn't have them.)

I've rambled enough - so I've been getting into night photography and recently atmospheric landscapes - these shots are a combination of the two and I'm so happy I pushed myself tonight to work a bit harder than I honestly wanted to.

Photograph by Kelly Heck
Photograph by Kelly HeckPhotograph by Kelly HeckPhotograph by Kelly Heck

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 responses to When Motivation Dwindles, Try Harder

  1. Great job! I need to keep on pushing myself harder. You are amazing!

  2. S. Eaton says:

    Love the pictures in the fog. Even
    when weather is terrible their is something out there that is worth seeing. Good Job.