Shoot with Niki

Photograph by Kelly HeckMy friend Niki Sleeth posed today for some shots - we were looking for fun spots in downtown Westminster and I just couldn't find anything that I could get access to or that really excited me... so on the way to a park off of Rt. 32, we stopped at an organization in the middle of construction because I knew these huge pipes were sitting around just waiting to be set in their future homes. These photos were shot with a light at one end and me on the other shooting towards it. I had a medium softbox on my light, but the light was definitely reflecting off of the entire surface of the metallic pipe. I think natural light played a big role too.

Photograph by Kelly HeckThe second location, if I'm not mistaken, was kind of towards Eldersburg and I believe it's called Morgan Park. There's big rocks and a little stream. I was thinking of a picture in Zack Arias' OneLight Workshop DVD when taking these. I used a 60" umbrella and I chose to reflect the light rather than shoot through. Mine doesn't look like his shot, but it inspired mine.

Sunday, November 22, 2009