Make-Up for Photographers

I participated in another workshop during FotoWeek D.C. that included a short talk by make-up artist Kim Gray. I've been wanting to take make-up classes and I'm really glad she was involved in the presentation. She said the 'no make-up make-up' is the first important thing to learn - she said the ability to create this look made her career.

Kim recommended a couple of magazines for references - NOISE Magazine and V Magazine.

Kim also talked about the differences in the models you want for different types of photography. For Editorial Photography and Fashion Photography, you want models with unique and striking features - they aren't the pretty girls and boys, they're different (and tall). There is a slight difference between editorial and fashion though - in both the clothing matters, but fashion is more about the clothing while editorial is more about the story. For Beauty Photography you typically want a pretty, symmetrical face - beauty shots are up close and make-up really matters - it has to be perfect. Commercial Photography is intended to sell something, so you want to use the girl next door.

I really liked Kim's portfolio - not only are her make-up skills really strong, but the paper she printed on makes her subjects pop off the paper. She uses this amazing metallic paper and I want to try it when I (some day) get my Epson Plotter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009