Community Creations - Westminster, MD

Cedar Rapids, IA - Drawing by Community Creations
Joe of Community Creations stopped in at our InfoPathway's office today to talk with the owner's, Doug and Thom. He's pitching an artistic rendering of Westminster, Maryland, where companies can buy a spot. A limited edition of prints will be sold (both signed and unsigned). I bought a spot!!! I will be drawn in maybe photographing a model with my business name. These drawings are not done often and this is the first of Westminster. I'm very excited - I will get a signed print and an unsigned print.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 responses to Community Creations - Westminster, MD

  1. Sandy Eaton says:

    This looks really interesting I can't wait to see where you are and how it will show up. Sounds like a good piece of Art Work to

  2. That's really cool Kelly! I can't wait to see you. I asume you are working all week, but I have all but one night free so we'll hang out!
    Love you!