Wedding Photography Tips: Creative (Random) Ideas, Tips & Advice

Ask the owners of your ceremony and reception sites about the requirements for your photographer and/or DJ to carry liability insurance. You don't want to find out at the last minute that your vendors are not allowed to take your wedding pictures on the premises because they don't have liability insurance to cover an unfortunate event!

Trash the Dress Sessions can be really incredible, creative, and fun! No worries about getting your outfits dirty or being late for the reception. It’s relaxed, fun and experimental! Your dress will be dirty at the end of the wedding day, so plan this session before you have it dry cleaned. Talk to your photographer as an add-on to your package. If you’re unsure about causing damage to your wedding gown, consider this – when will you be wearing it next?

Tissues are a mess so instead place a cotton handkerchief in the grooms' pocket, the bride has no where to put one. This way if she tears up the groom can take out the hankie offer it to her or dab the tears himself (be careful not to smear her make-up boys!). This is more elegant than the back of your hand.

Most of the weddings I’ve attended have disposable cameras sprinkled on the tables at the reception. Quite often guests take them home assuming they are gifts. And a lot of times kids get a hold of them and you end up with a lot of feet photos. Have one person in charge of getting the camera's rounded up before everyone leaves.

Choosing the best DJ or band can be one of the most important choices that a bride can make (besides their investment in a wise photographer). A good DJ or band leader takes charge of the reception and can make the reception run like clockwork as well as make it lots of fun for the bride and groom and their friends and family. I have seen weddings with poor DJ's that have been pretty annoying. You want to make sure the DJ will do as you’ve asked – I’ve heard brides complain about the music played because they had specifically made requests like no booty call and lo and behold, the DJ takes requests from the audience and plays that exact kind of music. I hate when the music is so loud that yelling is even hard to understand! I’ve also been excited to see a live harpist or violinist but it’s stopped so the DJ can blast the corny Daaaa-da-da-DA! as the bride waltzes down the aisle. (Believe me, a harp is the way to go – very elegant and the music carries.)

When the music gets pumping the lights go down, or OUT! It’s so hard to focus on people to get fun dancing action shots when there is next to no light – maybe ask the venue to keep the lights at least on a dim setting.

You don't need to pay florist prices to have a bouquet made for your bridal portrait sitting. You'd be surprised at the results when you have your favorite fresh flowers and some ribbon! Just be sure to cut stems about 8 inches from blooms to allow room to wrap ribbon and hold bouquet.

Baby wipes will work wonders for "quick fixes" with spots on your wedding dress. Just be sure to rub gently.

Pre-wedding – at your engagement photo session take a blank poster-board or piece of foam core. Take multiple photos with it and ask the photographer to superimpose “Table 1”, “Table 2”, “Table 3”, etc. on each one for as many tables as you have. Frame them and put them on your reception tables for guests to check out while waiting for you to arrive after your bridal party photos.

Post-wedding – bring a large “Thank You!” sign to your wedding and ask your photographer to take a couple shots with you. You can have thank you cards made with your photo to send out to all of your guests.

Sunday, August 23, 2009