Preserve The Memory Of Your Celebration

Often I find that the photographer or photography services are the last vendor on the minds of the bride and groom (or event planner). Thousand$ go towards the cake, the venue, the meal, the dress and gifts and DJ and wedding planner, hair stylist and make-up artist… and many more details. Yet the family spends all this money and goes to all this trouble and all of those details will be forgotten, even missed – unless they hire the right photographer. You can’t redo a wedding, period. The photography of your wedding day is all you'll have to remember your day.
You get what you pay for is not always true, but often it is. If you hire a photographer without asking the right questions, you could be in for a sour surprise. I recommend you do your homework. I may sound biased (as a photographer), but I think if you can afford a decent wedding, you can afford a good or great photographer and SHOULD invest in one. Not only is it hard to remember all of the details, but there are so many things that the bride and groom in particular do not get to take part in. A professional photographer will document your celebration from top to bottom (or at least they should).

I don’t often see more than 20 or so images from each wedding in online portfolios. A photographer with 20 years experience is bound to have great work and to have captured breathtaking moments – but how many do they capture in one event – that one could be YOUR wedding day. Something I do that I’m not sure many other photographers do is to share a large selection from each wedding to give the client an idea of what they will receive from my services, beginning to end.

You should also love your photographer’s style. Hire someone that you like who shows you photos that you love. If you don't like being around your photographer, the pictures and your experience will be awkward and uncomfortable. I always offer to meet with clients because they should find out if they like their photographer’s personality or not. The couple (but especially the bride) spend a good portion of their day with the photographer. Sometimes I feel like I’m butting into intimate moments, but my clients have never felt uncomfortable with my presence, and those moments need to be documented!

Stay tuned for more posts to make the most out of your wedding day or event.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 responses to Preserve The Memory Of Your Celebration

  1. There is a lot of things I missed at my wedding since there are so many people to visit with. Thanks for taking such great photos Kelly!

  2. Kelly Heck says:

    You're welcome Bean!

  3. I think you're absolutely right...of all the things that the bride, groom, and their families spend money on, the photography is what will last and get passed on to the next generation. Most dresses aren't worn again, the cake and food will be gone the next day, and the flowers won't last...hiring a photographer who you resonate with is SO important!

  4. Kelly Heck says:

    On Jen's note, I totally agree - photography is what people see to want to spend the least on when it is the ONLY hardcopy memory of your wedding day. Don't think you'll remember all the silly details 1, 5, 10, 20 years down the road.