K. Heck Photography Apartment

Photography by Kelly Heck

This is my first real place, all to myself (and Mr. Mann, right). I'm still working on filling up a couple walls, but as you can see I'm pretty much finished with the living room area.

My kitchen is a bit small when it comes to counter space, but otherwise is really nice. The bedroom is quite large but very comfortable. I have a really nice balcony and I'm looking out at trees and grass over our small parking area. Laundry facilities are in the ground floor of my building.

Everyone is welcome to visit. There's a juggling club that meets on Wednesdays sometimes just up the road about two miles, if juggling people are driving through the area (Reisterstown, MD). There's a couple little parks on the grounds and a pool and a lot of schools just within a couple miles.

Photography by Kelly Heck

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 responses to K. Heck Photography Apartment

  1. Looks good, I love the picture of Mr. Mann! He's hot!

  2. Eaton says:

    Love the picture of the Apt. Don't know how you got the shot of the whole area. And Handy is so cute.