PDN Photo Competition - EXTENDED DEADLINE!

The deadline for the PDN submissions has been extended to January 26th! Give it a shot - it's up to you to promote yourself! GREAT PRIZES!!! Money and cameras and publication! http://www.pdnphotoannual.com/

I submitted two bodies of work as a professional. One was a selection of six of my Phobia Photos, the second was six of my Carnival Photos. Here are the write-ups I submitted with each:

Phobia Series
The concept of a prank, the act of scaring someone for amusement, is an interesting habit we all share. I have watched someone as her phobia enveloped her as she instantly broke into tears. In terror, she locked up, cringing with her arms in front of her face, and was unable to move. At first an onlooker only egged on her fear and giggled at her reaction. All it took for this reaction was an image of a clown, a small, eight by ten inch photograph by Cindy Sherman. This phobia series is a play on the humor we see in fear as a means of both entertainment and coping with humiliation.

Carnival Series
Traveling carnivals attract some of the most interesting of subjects. I expected hesitation from the people I approached, however, some were very excited to be photographed. One was so cheerful I offered to take her photograph, mentioning she’d be able to share the image with her family and friends back home to tell them how well she was doing.

Monday, January 12, 2009