We're Published Again!

Valerie Heck's Jewelry Piece, Reflections, as published in the December 2008 JQ International Magazine. Photograph by Kelly Heck.Valerie Heck's Feather Pendant, Photograph by Kelly Heck - Click to learn more!My sister, Valerie Heck, is a brilliant jeweler. She was just published again in JQ International Magazine, page 44 of the December 2008 issue, accompanied by the photograph I took of her work. The Heck Girls win again.

Read more about it on Valerie's Blog. You can also view Valerie's website, VAHJewelry.com. We are in the works of redesigning her site so it looks more artsy. We will be sure to post a note when it is completed and launched.

Valerie also made a custom designed feather pendant for my solo exhibition "Bird Series: It's Not Because I'm Beautiful" in Savannah Georgia last spring. EVERYONE raves about it - I think she should make millions of them. Click on the image to learn more about Valerie's thoughts on the piece. Also, view the Bird Series here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One response to We're Published Again!

  1. Thank you Kelly, You made my day! The world will know the Heck Girls! We will take over the Art Scene!
    Love you!