Photo Deals for SCAD Students

Photography students have to spend so much money on their materials. As a former SCAD student, I learned late in the game that B&H offers deals to students depending on what art school you attend. SCAD students can get free shipping. All you have to do is join their EDU membership and call to place your order and tell them you are a SCAD student. They also offer deals and packages to save you money. If you are taking studio and need to buy a light meter, their prices are equal to the deal you will get from local photo companies (except locally you have to go through a lot of crap to get the deal). B&H is a great company! On a side note, any time you order over the phone, you have the chance to fill out a survey and win a hefty gift certificate. :-D

Bay Camera of Savannah, GA, has great prices on film development. If you can drive/ride out there you will save a lot of money on your film development. And as an added bonus, it's always ready next day! FYI: For students completing slide film based projects, they don't develop Slide Film, but they will send it out for you. Also, they will develop it as they would negative film if you ask - it makes some wacky pictures (really contrasty and the color is off... I had some turn out very yellow (Kodak) and others very green (Fujifilm)).

Thursday, December 4, 2008