Magazine Submissions

I found two magazines looking for original work - these ads were posted on Craigslist:

NTHWORD: nthWord is an online interactive zine launching in early 2009. It will feature literary works (or works-in-progress) by discovered and undiscovered talent including fiction, non-fiction & poetry. nthWord will primarily feature works with a punchy, acerbic tone that appeal to the 20’s/30’s demographic. Highly original satires & allegories welcome. Gut-busting articles on politics & pop-culture also welcome. We are currently accepting submissions from talented graphic artists, illustrators & photographers. Please limit submissions to 3 photos/PDFs. Please send to: submissions@nthword.com

The Traipsing Turtle: Scribbled poems on the backs of tax forms? Drawings all over the knees of your jeans? If you create in an unconventional way or have writing/art that no one with finely combed hair would ever appreciate, we want it! The Traipsing Turtle, a new zine/journal/lit mag/publication, is looking for submissions for its first ever issue. The publishers are two recent English grads looking to bring light to writing, art, and other works that don't fit into the normal academic canon. We are looking for submissions of any genre, topic, quality, length, level of coherence. We are looking for poetry, fiction, art, music, film, anything else you can muster. We plan to publish the zine sometime mid-winter. It will be available primarily online with limited print copies to be distributed through local stores and online. Compensation for accepted material is a free copy of the issue and a high five. Please email submissions as an attachment to traipsingturtle@gmail.com. Include name, contact info, and short bio (favorite color, shoe size, allergies). Write on.

Friday, December 5, 2008

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  1. I like that you get a high five!